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U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday is expected to sign legislation providing 800,000 federal e [...]

Democratic lawmakers will grill U.S. President Donald Trump's new pick to run the Environmental [...]

The U.S. economy is taking a larger-than-expected hit from the partial government shutdown, White Ho [...]

Several hundred Honduran migrants in a new U.S.-bound caravan crossed into Guatemala on Tuesday, as [...]

The U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to pass a resolution disapproving [...]

NY Times

The unusually secretive way the president has handled these meetings has left his own administration [...]

The White House doubled its estimate of the shutdown’s drag on growth, and other economists warned a [...]

As the White House tries to get the government functioning, President Trump invited Democrats to the [...]

Republican leaders are piling on in their condemnations of Representative Steve King of Iowa, but th [...]

At issue is the question of inclusivity, one that has haunted the national movement since its incept [...]

USA Today

Burger King had some fun at President Trump's expense for his misspelling of hamburgers on [...]

A Florida city commissioner is under fire after calling Rep. Rashida Tlaib a "danger" who [...]

If a woman "drinks to the point where she can no longer choose, well, getting to that point was [...]

Robert Mueller's team filed nearly 200 pages of redacted documents to detail accusations th [...]

At Wednesday's confirmation hearing, EPA Nominee Andrew Wheeler is expected to face scrutin [...]

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The news just keeps on getting better for Vladimir Putin. [...]

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort spoke to a federal grand jury last fall about his commu [...]

A 31-page filing from special counsel Robert Mueller Tuesday gives an unprecedented window into his [...]

President Donald Trump's attorney general nominee, William Barr, will testify before a Senate p [...]

On Monday night, President Donald Trump hosted the Clemson University football team at the White Hou [...]

The Hill

President Trump injured his hand while playing around with his son, Barron, requiring a band-aid tha [...]

Roku said late Tuesday that it deleted its channel for InfoWars just hours after the streaming platf [...]

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on Wednesday called the protracted partial government shutdown the [...]

The Sioux City Journal, the largest newspaper in Rep. Steve King's district, called on the Iowa [...]

CNN analyst Areva Martin mistakenly thought that black Fox Nation host David Webb was white while su [...]

Roll Call

Reps. Mia Love and Luis Gutiérrez have wasted no time finding new gigs after leaving Congress last w [...]

President Donald Trump was meeting privately with U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Oval Office Thurs [...]

Taking its first bipartisan vote of the 116th Congress, the House voted Friday to establish a select [...]

President Donald Trump and congressional leaders, including top Democrats that oppose his proposed s [...]

Rep. Walter Jones will be sworn into the new session of Congress privately at his home in Farmville, [...]