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From Cybernewsnet.comCast: Loren Feldman [...]


Microsoft Corp on Thursday beat analysts' estimates for fourth-quarter revenue and profit, driv [...]

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono summoned South Korea's ambassador on Friday in a deepening [...]

Japan's government is considering various steps to resolve the dispute with South Korea over wa [...]

U.S. and Chinese officials spoke by telephone on Thursday as the world's two largest economies [...]

China made its biggest purchase of U.S. sorghum since April last week, according to U.S. Department [...]

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But as the crowd chanted at his re-election rally in North Carolina, President Trump looked around a [...]

The outcome appeared to be a legal victory for President Trump, but documents also offered new detai [...]

The company, long a target of President Trump, is seen as the leading competitor for a $10 billion c [...]

At the White House, the president said the Navy ship Boxer was defending itself against an Iranian d [...]

Mr. Scalia, the son of Antonin Scalia who worked in the Bush administration, is expected to bring a [...]

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Nathan Bernard, a free speech activism pioneer and co-founder of Bernard Media, was silenced by Twit [...]

Things have not been going well for diaper fetishist, Charlie Kirk. Earlier this week, Kanye West pu [...]

This weekend, adult diaper wearing political pundit Charlie Kirk short circuited at Politicon, an ev [...]

This weekend, the white nationalist group the Proud Boys attacked protestors after a speech at the r [...]

This weekend, the white nationalist group The Proud Boys mauled peaceful protestors after a speech a [...]

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Protest against a billion-dollar telescope in Hawaii growsTo Native Hawaiians, Mauna Kea is a sacred place. But to astronomers, it is one of the best places o [...]

EPA will not ban use of controversial pesticide linked to children’s health problemsThe Trump administration said the pesticide chlorpyrifos is an important tool for farmers. The decis [...]

City plays ‘Baby Shark’ to keep homeless from sleeping in parkThe catchy, some would say obnoxious, tune is being used on a loop by city officials in West Palm Be [...]

‘Dangerous heat wave is building’ as temperatures spike in the central and eastern U.S.A potentially deadly combination of heat, humidity and stagnant, polluted air has led to heat adviso [...]

Panic over Russian company’s FaceApp is a sign of new distrust of the InternetThe app was having a viral moment until questions arose about privacy issues and its ownership. [...]

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Trump to nominate Eugene Scalia as new secretary of laborScalia is the son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. [...]

Trump says he disagrees with 'send her back' chants, despite fanning flames for daysPresident Donald Trump disavowed a campaign rally chant of "send her back," telling report [...]

Capitol Police arrest 70 in immigration protests, including 90-year-old nunCapitol Police arrested 70 people in the Capitol Rotunda on Thursday. [...]

US Navy searching for missing USS Abraham Lincoln sailor in Arabian SeaThe U.S. Navy is conducting search and rescue operations in the Arabian Sea following reports of a m [...]

Trump tweets about Puerto Rico being 'under siege' amid violent protestsTrump's tweets come as the unrest on the island grew more violent Wednesday night, when police [...]

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Trump Goes To Space

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U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar received a standing ovation at a town hall in Minnesota on Thursday, one day af [...]

Halloween costumes are more inclusive than ever before [...]

"I know there are a lot of people that are trying to distract us now, but I want you all to kno [...]

Twenty candidates have qualified for the debate stage with ten going head-to-head each night [...]

The lineup for the second set of primary debates at the end of the month has been announced by CNN; [...]

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Four legs good, two legs completely bonkers [...]

A man is tormented by a low-frequency humming sound emanating from his house, which he believes is c [...]

President Trump’s tweets have done little to deter supporters, who chanted “Send her back!” about Re [...]

Even though both sides insist they don’t want war, the existing tensions, combined with Iran’s anger [...]

The criminal case alleging the actor assaulted a busboy in 2016 has been dropped. But #MeToo is more [...]


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J.C. Penney has hired advisers to explore debt restructuring options that would buy more time for th [...]

The original Corvette was intended to be a flashy concept vehicle, but the design proved so popular [...]

The base version of the sports car will punch out 495 horsepower, 40 more than the seventh-generatio [...]

A man suspected of torching Kyoto Animation reportedly doused the studio's entrance with what a [...]

Activist investor Carl Icahn on Thursday formally launched a proxy fight against Occidental Petroleu [...]

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Mets lose long one in brutal fashionSAN FRANCISCO — The seagulls hovering above the left-field grandstand had company in the 16th inning [...]

Zack Wheeler report comes in with Mets watching closelySAN FRANCISCO — Zack Wheeler has taken the first steps in what the Mets hope will be a fast return f [...]

Iran denies that US shot down its drone in the Strait of HormuzIran on Friday denied that the United States took down one of their drones in the Strait of Hormuz, [...]

Bob Papa: Why this Giants team is differentLongtime play-by-play man and host of MSG Network’s “Giants Training Camp Live” Bob Papa talks with [...]

Utah boy showcases ‘Ice Cold Beer’ sign at root beer standA boy in Utah used a clever marketing tool at his neighborhood soda stand by making a sign that read [...]

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