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Bernie Sanders solidified his front-runner status with what appeared to be a decisive victory in the [...]

Nevada caucus officials and voters at multiple sites on Saturday reported voting rules confusion, ca [...]

China reported a sharp fall in new deaths and cases of the coronavirus on Saturday, but world health [...]

South Korea reported 123 new confirmed coronavirus cases and a fourth death from the virus, taking t [...]

China on Sunday reported a rise in the number of new confirmed cases of coronavirus, but the number [...]

NY Times

His triumph will provide a burst of momentum that may make it difficult for the still-fractured mode [...]

A multiracial coalition brought the senator’s long-promised political revolution to vivid life, for [...]

The Vermont senator has long brushed off political vulnerabilities and evaded attacks from rivals. B [...]

Bernie Sanders says winning a plurality of delegates is good enough for the nomination. His rivals s [...]

More than three days passed before Japan imposed a quarantine. That delay and other missteps helped [...]

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Improved Offline PublishingThe path to a better offline experience in our mobile apps. [...]

The Block Editor is Now Supported on the WordPress Native AppsThe block editor allows for a smoother drafting experience - now possible on any screen size. [...]

Three new hosting management tools give you direct access to your site’s files and data. [...]

New Theme: Twenty TwentyMeet Twenty Twenty, the brand new WordPress default theme. [...]

PHP 7.4 Just Came Out, and So Did Our PHP Version SwitcherIf your site is on the Business or eCommerce plan, you can switch to the newest version of PHP today [...]

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911 operators couldn’t trace the location of a dying student’s phone. It happens often.The college student's garbled 911 call is the latest tragedy to plague emergency call systems s [...]

Wall Street Journal reporters decry ‘sick man’ headline in their newspaperThe Journal’s China staffers are urging their employer to apologize for an opinion column’s headline [...]

Deaths, disappeared children and a doomsday cult: mother at center of bizarre case arrested in HawaiiThe mystery of their disappearance deepened amid their mother’s abrupt move from Idaho to Hawaii wit [...]

A 42-year inmate’s choice: Exoneration fight or ‘deal with the devil’ for freedomThough New Orleans prosecutors suppressed key evidence at his trial, Brooks was offered a plea deal [...]

Amtrak’s police strategy: More officers aboard trains, fewer in stationsCongress has required the railroad to maintain last year's staff levels, though it had plans to [...]

ABC News

WATCH:  Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucusAn ABC News analysis shows Joe Biden trailing in second. [...]

Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucusesFollow along as the ABC News team reports from the Silver State. [...]

With help from Latino voters, Bernie Sanders hits the Nevada jackpotSen. Bernie Sanders ran competitively in unaccustomed support groups amid the Nevada caucuses while [...]

Several 2020 Democrats face major cash crunch ahead of competitive primaries2020 Democrats face major cash crunch ahead of competitive primaries. [...]

At least 3 die in California bus rolloverAt least three people have been killed in a bus accident near San Diego. [...]

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Trump Goes To Space

CBS News

Sanders had a big lead among voters under 45 and Latino voters, winning more than 50% of both demogr [...]

Bernie Sanders addressed supporters in San Antonio, Texas, on Saturday, shortly after he was declare [...]

In August 2015, former FBI agent Tom Martens and his daughter Molly Corbett admitted killing her Iri [...]

Shortly after Bernie Sanders was projected to win the Nevada caucuses, Pete Buttigieg warned Democra [...]

Despite poor finishes in the primary contests thus far, Biden told "Face the Nation" he [...]

The Atlantic

After the Nevada caucus, Democratic Party leaders have never looked more uncertain about their futur [...]

The Vermont senator’s dominant victory in Nevada solidifies his standing as the Democratic front-run [...]

Will the strategic bet that America and India have made on each other deliver on its full potential? [...]

The episodes in which critics’ predictions weren't borne out offer valuable lessons for Trump’s [...]

China’s use of surveillance and censorship makes it harder for Xi Jinping to know what’s going on in [...]


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After the Nevada caucus win, Sanders was set to open up a pledged national delegate lead over Pete B [...]

Biden took veiled jabs at Sanders and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, while Buttigieg attacked Sander [...]

He noted a big caveat though: "There will be major drops in the market, perhaps of 50% magnitud [...]

Mainland China's total is now 76,936 cases, and 2,442 deaths. Cases in South Korea and Italy co [...]

"For the broader market it's reflective of risk appetite and people willing to roll the di [...]

NY Post

A plane full of Americans and Canadians was stranded on a tarmac at an airport in Karachi, Pakistan, [...]

Please don’t tell Denis Potvin I said so, but No. 5 had a point on SNY Friday night when he said the [...]

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says conservative media will attempt to”trigger” progressive women lik [...]

Drug dealer loses $60 million in Bitcoin when landlord unwittingly tosses codesClifton Collins lost $60 million when his landlord cleaned out the house he’d been renting and sent [...]

Johnny Depp screens new film ‘Minamata’ in GermanyJohnny Depp took a break from his ongoing legal battle with ex Amber Heard to screen his latest film [...]

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