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From Cybernewsnet.comCast: Loren Feldman [...]


Britain's Supreme Court will hear a third and final day of legal arguments on Thursday over whe [...]

Time to agree a Brexit deal is running out and it will be too late for European leaders to iron out [...]

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized on Wednesday for wearing brown face make-up in 200 [...]

A Tokyo court cleared on Thursday three former Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) executives of negligence [...]

A deal to leave the European Union would help manage issues including the treatment of international [...]

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s campaign was thrown into turmoil when a photograph surfaced of him i [...]

To help sort through the options — including sanctions and the deployment of more American forces — [...]

Mr. O’Brien, President Trump’s new national security adviser, is said to bring milder views and a su [...]

The secretary of state’s words were the strongest so far from any American official regarding the at [...]

President Trump said that San Francisco was in “total violation” of environmental rules because need [...]

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This weekend, adult diaper wearing political pundit Charlie Kirk short circuited at Politicon, an ev [...]

This weekend, the white nationalist group The Proud Boys mauled peaceful protestors after a speech a [...]

Jason Van Dyke serves as legal counsel for the Proud Boys, a white nationalist group that helps youn [...]

Yesterday, Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch broke a story on Michael Moates, a conservative reporter w [...]

Candace Owens is suing her former landlord for $15,000 in Connecticut for mold that she likely cause [...]

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Those UFO videos are real, the Navy says, but please stop saying ‘UFO’The Navy admits it doesn't know what the flying objects in some videos are, but it doesn't [...]

El Paso shooting suspect indicted by grand jury on capital murder chargeJaime Esparza, the El Paso County district attorney who announced the indictment against Patrick Cru [...]

This back-to-school PSA from Sandy Hook Promise is a punch in the gutThe anti-violence group Sandy Hook Promise released a devastating back-to-school PSA. [...]

‘They videoed his death instead of helping him’: A teen was fatally stabbed as peers watched, police say"This can’t go on. Your friends are dying while you stand there and video it," a Nassau Co [...]

MIT faculty responds to Epstein scandal, calling for a culture change and greater accountabilitySome faculty members responded with tears, and some shouted as they debated the university’s past ac [...]

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Interior Department transferring federal land to Army for border wall constructionThe Trump administration plans to transfer federal land into military control in order to continue c [...]

Saudis say Iran 'sponsored' attack on oil facilities, Pompeo calls it an 'act of war'President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he was ordering his Treasury secretary to increase sanction [...]

Suspected serial killer charged in murders of 4 women all found dead in vacant homesA suspected serial killer was charged in the murders of four women all found dead in vacant homes in [...]

Former nurse accused of stealing morphine from dying veteransA former nurse is accused of stealing morphine from dying veterans and ingesting it for herself, off [...]

Suicide bomb in southern Afghanistan, kills at least 20An Afghan official says a powerful suicide truck bombing outside a hospital in the capital of southe [...]

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Trump Goes To Space

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Accuses city of letting lots of waste, including needles, go through storm drains into ocean; mayor [...]

O'Brien traveled to Sweden to help negotiate the release of rapper A$AP Rocky from prison earli [...]

Purdue Pharma, the company that made billions selling the prescription painkiller OxyContin, filed f [...]

Penn State University atmospheric science professor Michael Mann says individual action isn't e [...]

Donald Trump stopped short of blaming Iran for the attacks on Saudi soil, but said people would like [...]

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Political pets can be tied up in complicated ways with public perception of the politician. Plus: Me [...]

Everyone knows that local newspapers are in trouble. That’s why Deb Fallows and I have been chronicl [...]

The small village of Kivalina is threatened on several fronts by a warming Arctic climate, as the gr [...]

Requiring congressional approval would be good for Trump, good for his choice for national security [...]

The secret sauce of search engines gives tech companies an abundance of plausible deniability. [...]


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Besides China, the WeSing app is available in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. [...]

The world is moving away from carbon-based energy not just for the environment, but also because it [...]

The complaint the administration is withholding from Congress was filed by an intelligence officer w [...]

U.S. and Chinese deputy trade negotiators were set to resume face-to-face talks on Thursday for the [...]

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Daniel Jones’ presence brings one change to Giants’ offensePat Shurmur doesn’t expect too much to change schematically with his offense this week as Daniel Jon [...]

Key part of De Blasio’s NYCHA rescue plan ‘appears stalled’: watchdogA key portion of Mayor de Blasio’s $24 billion public housing rescue plan has stalled, according to [...]

NJ ref who told wrestler to cut dreadlocks barred for 2 seasonsTRENTON, N.J. — A referee who told a New Jersey high school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks or forfei [...]

Milan fashion week 2019: Who wears short shorts? MenMen in shorts is an age-old discussion — can they or can’t they get away with them? There are so man [...]

‘The Real’ responds to dig from Tamar Braxton on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’Braxton's comments come three months after her social media apology to "The Real" hos [...]

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